or any further clarification please call Mr. Ahmad on +91 9935333791, 9026555657
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Important Note :

  • We need International passport with minimum 6 months validity

  • Six photos 6 cm by 4 cm with white background.

  • Visa Stamping takes 10-15 working days.

  • Visa Stamping Fees is Non Refundable

  • We will not be responsible for any Delay or Rejection in Visa.

  • All Quotes are valid for 48 Hrs Only.

  • Final bookings are subject to Tickets and Hotel Availibilty.

  • Food, Laundry and Zam Zam is not Included in Customised Packages.

  • Please note in case of excess baggage, we will provide a separate vehicle and charge accordingly.

  • In case of cancellations One Day No Show will be deducted for all confirmed bookings.

  • Handicapped passengers are requested to carry their own wheelchairs.

  • Experts Advice :

  • Please carry an Extra set of Ehram and 3-4 Sets of Slippers.

  • Keep your Money safe, Do not carry excess money for Umrah or Tawaaf.

  • Ladies are adviced not to wear heavy gold jewellery during visit to Harams.

  • Instead of Mineral water try to drink only ZamZam while in Makkah and Madina.
    Its Free and its the Best Available Water on planet Earth.

  • You can fill small bottles with ZamZam while going for every Namaz.

  • Read books on Hajj and Umrah Before travelling.

  • Carry a extra three pin Adapter for Mobile & Laptop Recharges.

  • Even if you have been to Umrah try to Attend Umrah Training sessions 
    conducted by Rahat Travels before travelling.

  • Meet your relatives and friends before going if possible bring them for training sessions.

  • What should I do to Join Rahat Umrah Group.?

  • Download & Fill Umrah Application Form and Sign Umrah Agreement.

  • Deliver your passports with minimum Six Photos 6 cm * 4 cm with white background.

  • Delivery can be made in person or via Blue Dart Courier service to our Head Office Only.

  • Make your payments either in cash at our Head Office or via Bank Deposit in our 
    Bank Accounts mentioned online.

  • Before sending passports & depositing money please inform the Head Office by calling

  • Payment Plans :

  • 50% of the Total package at the time of Booking with Passports, 
    50% 15 Days Before Departure.

  • Payment should be by Cash or Cheque in favour of "Rahat Travels of India".

  • All payments should be cleared 15 days before departure.

  • Cancellations : If  Booking Cancelled Before...
    30 Days – 20% of the Tour Cost will be charged to the traveller
    20 Days -  50%  of  Tour Cost will be charged to the traveller
    Less than  10 Days – 100%  of Tour Cost will be charged to the traveller