Frequently Asked Questions

  • Placeholder Which cities is currently available in? We currently offer trips to about 20 cities (e.g. Agra, Jaipur, Shimla, Manali, Nainital etc...) from Delhi - National Capital Region. A lot of our customers have been asking us to launch trips from other major cities in India and we will expand to them in near future.
  • Placeholder What services do you offer? We offer car package tours, car + hotel package tours and hotel reservations. In addition to these basic services, we also offer tour guides, entry tickets, and event and activity reservations. Our goal is to create "Zero Hassle Trips" for our customers.
  • Placeholder How is your pricing? In order to deliver on our promise of "Zero Hassle Trips", our pricing is always all-inclusive (e.g. you won't have to worry if driver is taking the longer zigzag road.) Hence though our pricing might seem little bit more expensive than competitors, ultimately, it turns out to be cheaper an excellent value for money. That's what our customers have been telling us. You might want to read some reviews.
  • Placeholder How long are the trips? Our tours are personalized to you: You select the start date/time and end date/time and the prices are calculated based on that. So the length of the trip depends on you.
  • Placeholder How is the quality of your cars, drivers? We pay very close attention to detail when it comes to quality of our cars and drivers. Again, we recommend that you read some of the reviews.
  • Placeholder Do you guarantee time of return? Our team is committed to beginning the trips on time as well as ending them on time. However due too many unforeseen circumstances (e.g. traffic jams, weather, unexpected vehicle malfunctioning etc.), we cannot guarantee time of return. Please be advised that we will NOT be responsible for any missed onward flight, train, bus reservations or any other losses that you may incur due to the delay in the completion of the trip. Please plan enough buffers between the trip end times with us and any onward connections you may have.
  • Placeholder Does the car price include pickup and drop-off charges? One pickup and one drop-off within the city are included in your price. However any additional pickup + drop-off will be charged as per following rates: Rs. 500 for Compact, Rs. 750 for Economy Sedan, Rs. 1000 for Economy SUV and Rs. 1250 for Luxury SUV.
  • Placeholder How much in advance do I need to book? For car only trips, we recommend booking a few days in advance. For hotel reservations or car + hotel trips, we recommend booking several weeks in advance as you might get better prices when doing so.
  • Placeholder What do you do if the car is returned later than the scheduled drop-off? For outstation trips, all trips MUST end by 11 PM on the scheduled drop-off date. This means that customer MUST be dropped-off at the last drop-off point by 11 PM. In case the trip doesn't end by 11PM, next day’s charges will be assessed and due to driver at the end of the trip. The minimum late fees would be Rs. 500 for Compact cars, Rs. 750 for Economy Sedan, Rs. 1000 for Economy SUV, Rs. 1500 for Luxury SUV, Rs. 2000 for Luxury Sedan.
  • Placeholder What is your cancellation policy? Please call us at our toll-free numbers for making changes to your trip or cancelling it. Cancellation charges are as follows:

    1. Car Cancellation charges: For cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure, cancellation fees will be 5% of the total order value (with a minimum of Rs. 500). For cancellations made between 24 to 48 hours before scheduled departure, cancellation fees will be 25% of the total order value (with a minimum of Rs. 1000). For cancellations made between less than 24 hours before scheduled departure, cancellation fees will be 50% of the total order value (with a minimum of Rs. 2000). For cancellations made after scheduled departure time or no-shows, cancellation fees will be 100% of the total order value (No Refunds).

    2. Hotel Cancellation Policy: Cancellation processing fees for any cancellation is Rs. 300 per hotel reservation. Additionally, the cancellation charges for each hotel are provided on the Order Review page before making the booking. Please read it carefully before making the booking. It is also part of the order confirmation email that is sent to you.